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  • Useful Approaches to Get Rid of Blackheads in Ear

    blackheads in ear

    Remedies for Blackheads in Ear

    Blackheads in ear are not formed because of some special reasons. These are just like other blackheads. The major reason for the formation of blackheads is bacteria, dead skin cells and the oil that is produced via sebaceous glands. When the mixture of all these 3 things appears collectively in a pore, a blackhead is formed.

    Blackheads on any part of the face or on any other body part can be removed with ease. In majority cases, these can be manually extracted. But it is most difficult and tricky task to remove blackheads in ear. Also, it’s not easy to eliminate ear blackhead manually.

    The reason for the formation of blackheads is mentioned above. So, it doesn’t depict that your ear is dirty. It’s a natural process. Also, the probability of formation of blackheads is more in those who have oily skin. Consequently, the pores of the ear are bigger thus produce more oil. Although it is a natural process but blackheads needs to be removed.

    If we expect them to get away on their own, it is not possible. Also, you have to be consistent in your treatment that you have adopted, for the removal of blackheads in ear. Otherwise, blackheads may return. But it doesn’t mean that it is not possible to get rid of them permanently. Yes! You can.

    Any of these treatments is not harmful to the skin. But it is possible that you are allergic to some ingredient in that treatment. So, it is suggested that when you feel skin irritation or feel that your skin is turning red, you should stop that treatment and should try another one. Here are some useful treatments that can help you to get rid of blackheads in your ear.


    3 Simple ways to get rid of ear blackheads:

     blackheads in ear

    • Treatment via clay mask:

    Use clay masks for the removal of ear blackheads. As it is a liquid, it can go into your pores easily. Apply it for at least 5 minutes and wait until it turns to solid. When you wash it after 5 minutes, it will also pull out the harmful content from your ear pores.


    • Oil cleansing treatment:

    It is the simple yet most effective method. Oil cleansing method is considered to be the most effectual. The reason is that oil can dissolve the oil produced by sebaceous glands. In the end, the mixture of both oils will be abolished. It must be applied before washing face. After application, rub it gently for 3 to 5 minutes.


    • Chemical exfoliation treatment:

    Two types of acids i.e. glycolic acid and salicylic acid can help you to get rid of blackheads in ear. Any of them can be used for treatment.

    For this, all you have to do is wash your face with water and a good cleanser. Let it dry. After that, apply any of the two acids, defined above. Apply salicylic acid for 20 minutes. If you are using glycolic acid, apply it for 30 minutes. It is good to moisturize your skin when you are done with it.

  • How to Treat Blackhead on Lip – Best Ways to Treat Blackhead

    How to Treat Blackhead on Lip

    blackhead on lip

    They can simply pop anywhere on your skin. Either it’s for blackhead on lip, nose, mouth or ear, etc. Some people even got them around their lips too. They main reason of it that some products such as lipsticks, lip balms, and Vaseline contain waxes and oils in them.

    It further mixed up organically into greasy material that latterly causes to be happening of blackheads and other pores. They can even create breakouts on our body where these products are applied. It’s easy to ditch them then it seems to do so.

    You just need to get rid of dead cell and dead skin to exfoliate them with further treatment. One product you need to purchase is lip scrub that can come very in handy. It will help you to exfoliate dead skins and cells to cleanse them fully.

    It contains the mixture of different essential oils and sugars with it which are great. The other quick method is to get warm stream direct on your whole face to loosen your skin and make it soft. After it learns it with a hot towel to open and spread the pores for easier removal and cleaning of blackheads.



    Wash your face with warm water or better manufacture of detergent. Many cleansers are better which came right away with salicylic acid in them which are exceedingly acceptable. According to Society of Dermatological in New Zealand, salicylic acid can help a lot to break down pores, whiteheads as well as blackhead on lip too.

    After down this procedure at the en rinse, you while face with warm water and dry your face with clean towel. It’s better to use the cloth that contains harbor bacteria in them which can exacerbate the problem of acne.


    Blackhead on Lip Strip

    blackheads on lip

    This is a great, easy and quickest way to get rid of them. You simply need to get and purchase the strip such as Biore face strips which work perfectly for blackhead on lip. First, cut them into shape whatever you desire to look on your face.

    Such as spotting on the blackout on your face. It also depends on the place where you want to put it. So cut it like just it’s required the shape to do his work. After that apply it on your pores and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes after that gently, pull it off.

    It will stick all the blackheads of yours in its back of the strip. Do remember that to wash your makeup entirely before doing this kind of procedure or before going to bed. Also, make sure to wipe out the lipstick also. If you don’t want to do it, that simple consider the organic makeup or lipstick that doesn’t contain any ingredients for clogging pores in them.

    And if you think this procedure or homemade treatments won’t help you to get rid of them then simple seek medical care or consult with your doctor or professional. They will guide you in the better way.

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