Dry Skin And Acne

dry skin and acne
Dry skin and acne – Image courtesy of flickr.com

One of the toughest skin combos to stay clear and healthy trying is disease of the skin combined with dry skin. This skin kind otherwise called combination skin presents its own challenges as a result of every sort of skin needs 2 fully completely different environments and skin care routines. Although it’s difficult there is a unit some things that you just will do to stay your combination skin trying healthy and vivacious all year long.

Skin look after disease of the skin and Dry Skin

One of the foremost vital things that you just ought to keep in mind once addressing disease of the skin and acne and dry skin is that a skin care program is important.

  1. Formulation – Use an equalization formulation which will gently cleanse your skin while not drying it out. Skin that’s disease of the skin prone should be clean a lot of usually than alternative kinds of skin. Keeps this in mind once selecting your formulation? Opt for one thing that may be used multiple times daily.


  1. Toner – Toners and astringents area unit a crucial a part of any disease of the skin care routine. Take care though. Several toners that area unit created for disease of the skin prone skin area unit terribly drying.


  1. Lotion – continually use a daily lotion that evens out your skin. An honest daily lotion can dampen dry skin whereas gripping skin oils that cause disease of the skin.


  1. Intense treatments – For particularly tough areas you’ll be able to spot treat your skin. Use disease of the skin treatments solely on area unites that are incessantly plagued by disease of the skin. You’ll be able to additionally dampen particularly dry areas with a nightly intense moisturizer applied solely to your acne and dry skin.


Dry Skin and Acne – Things to Avoid


  • Sun – The sun is that the favorite issue that dries and ages your skin. On the opposite hand radical Violet rays will work wonders at clearing up disease of the skin. to urge the disease of the skin fighting advantages of radical Violet rays while not the harm related to bathing visit a tanning bed double weekly for concerning seven minutes per session. This quantity of sunshine won’t tan or harm your skin however can facilitate dries up your disease of the skin.
  • Cleansing pads – several cleansing pads developed for disease of the skin riddled skin area unit very harsh and not meant to be used on dry skin. Folks with oily skin will use these pads many times on a daily basis however dry skin sufferers shouldn’t use them the least bit.


Oils and moisturizers – even as several treatments for disease of the skin will dry your skin several treatments for acne and dry skin will cause disease of the skin. Avoid product with serious oils and emollients. Perfumes and bound moisturizers might also cause breakouts.


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