Facials for Acne

Facials for Acne
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Dirt, grime and not taking proper care of skin all lead to acne and pimples. While it is really important to adopt a holistic approach to taking care of your skin, facials for acne do an amazing job on getting rid of pimples as well.

While there was a time when acne was considered to occur because of hormonal imbalance in teenagers, it is now a common occurrence among men and women of almost every age as well. While going to a dermatologist is a good idea, yet it is the facials for acne which actually help in the long run.


Why to go for a Cleansing Facial

If your skin is really prone to having pimples or is extremely oily, then it is highly recommended that you should opt for acne or deep cleansing facials almost every other month. These facials not just remove the dirt present on the skin, but it also helps in getting rid of all the extra oil which is present inside the facial pores. Blackheads and whiteheads, which eventually transform into acne, are also removed during a deep cleansing facial.


How is a Facial Performed

Facials for Acne
Facials for Acne – Image courtesy of flickr.com

Facials are given in spas and salons by professionals. Initially an aesthetician analyzes the skin and decides which facial is the best for your skin type. A typical facial involves steaming, scrubbing, deep cleansing and the thorough removal of the serum which clogs the pores and results in the formation of acne and pimples. You can also ask any questions regarding facials for acne for clearing any type of concerns which you may have.


What Kind of a Facial to Get

Salons and spas offer a variety of facials which you can get for preventing breakout and for clearing your skin. However, you are offered one according to not just your skin type but also your age as well. There are also some facials which suit all age types. If your acne is worse then you may have to do a few sittings for completing a whole process of facial.


Can I Have a Facial at Home

Who says that you have to go to a spa every time you need a facial! You can even have your own facial by yourself at your home as well, especially after you have had a hot shower with a lot of steam present. The steam actually helps in opening up the pores so that it receives the rest of the ingredients and absorbs them well.

Keep a few warm tea bags handy and simply swipe them over your face to have the experience of applying an anti bacterial toner on your face. Add a crushed aspirin to an essential oil and apply it on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Now, with the help of a cold damp wash cloth or cotton, wipe your face gently for having a soothing effect.

While there are many facials for acne yet it is really important that you adopt a proper skin care regimen for preventing further breakouts in the future.


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